Top10 Android Apps Of 2012

1 )Recipes App :

Recipes App is an application under Android platform which can be used to create application about food recipes. If you plan to create an application about food recipes but you only have a basic knowledge of Android development, then this file is for you. With only few customization you can easily build your own recipes application.


2) Android Webview With Progress bar and admob ads :

1. Display custom message on no network connectivity without showing your original website url
2. Progress bar/application loading bar
3. Zoom-in/zoom-out with touch or buttons
4. Admob advertisements
5. Support youtube videos
6. Direct your users to rate your application
7. One touch call , call directly from your app
8. Facebook And Twitter links open in native browser
Documentation contains step by step procedure with screenshots, and code to build your android webview app.


3)Android Eclipse jQuery WebApp

This Webview item is for beginners and very useful to create a market ready .apk file that points to a mobile website without borders or search/url bar. This will allow you to work with PHP and MySql. You can use any kind of mobile website or you can use my example to build what you need.

You can use Dreamweaver CS6 .x for visually editing the jQuery Mobile .css file.

What is in the package:

  • Eclipse Webview Project Folder with all Files
  • Copy and paste code
  • Mobile Website for your Webview App included
  • Ready from 2.3.0 up to 4.1 (API Level 16)


4) Full Android App Webview Template

Full Android App Webview Template - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Smartphones have taken the world by storm and it seems that Android-based ones are ever popular. In fact, if you look at current app statistics, you’ll see that the Android app market is the fastest growing sector.

There are lots of ways to code Android Apps, but using a webview, meaning that you host the files it shows on your webserver, has a lot of advantages, particularly for the beginner. Firstly, it’s really quick and doesn’t rely on complex coding skills. Secondly, because you host the files on your normal web hosting server, you can change the content as often as you like.

This makes a webview app very flexible and particularly suited to online brochures, special offers and local business information. Your app will take up the whole screen, with a button at the bottom for users to click to visit a webpage of your choice.

This zip file gives you the files you need to have a working webview app very simply and quickly. You need to have Eclipse and Android SDK installed and know how to compile an app, but after that, it’s a copy and paste job!

Extra included features include allowing users to zoom in on your content to make it easier to read, double-tap to zoom, and giving them the choice of saving the app to their phone or SD card.


5) Your Android Map :

Your Android Map - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Your Android Map is an application template that you can use to create your own map application for local place under android platform. You can easily customize and add data to this application.


6) Android Gallery Component :

Android Gallery Component - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Android Gallery component will help you cut development time in half. Almost every application can have gallery inside. So this is the perfect module if you like stable gallery with a lot of cool stuff inside like “Set as Wallpaper”, “Download to SD card”


7) Blog Gue: Blog App for Android

Blog Gue: Blog App for Android - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Blog Gue is a blog application for Android. It will show RSS feed of your blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Youtube Channel, and contact form. It is easy to setup, just insert urls of them and change some images, and this app will be ready to use.

it will help your blog visitor to stay connect with your blog.


8) Advanced Map Geolocation

Advanced Map Geolocation - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

This project is an advanced example of android map geolocation : It shows all the airports of your country in two modes : Map and List. The airports are sorted by distance (the distance between your current position and the airport). This example manipulate a local database that contains all airport in the world.


9) Android Bottom Tabs

Android Bottom Tabs - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

I have developed this component because I have realized that a lot of users don’t like the standard Android Tabs. They are different in each Android platform. That’s why I created tabs that are displaying the same in each android version. Easy to be implemented and Modified.


10) E-commerce Shop with PayPal Integration

E-commerce Shop with PayPal Integration - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

This is a native app template for an e-commerce website that sells computer components. It covers how to build simple API using PHP and MySQL. From it you can login if you have already an account, register if you don’t have one, search a product, sort products after price ascending or descending, buy products with Paypal. The app it is communicating with a server through php/json from where:

  1. it loads only 10 rows at a time that contains the products information stored on MySql database, so as we scroll at the bottom of the list will loads another 10 rows until the end of the query. All the data is loaded into a list and store it on your Android phone on a SQLite database for the moment we don’t have internet. This is almost like a pagination process.
  2. it is adding new information for a new user or a new sale on MySql database.
  3. it checks if a user exists. The password it is encrypted in sha256.

You can share it by sending an sms or an e-mail to your friends .


10) News App

News App - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

News App is Native Android Application that is easy to to configure to display your blog news, images and youtube videos. It also can monetize your blog with build in AdMob Ads.


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