Twitpic founder launches Twitter competitor Heello

Twitter competitor Heello

Before Noah Everett started TwitPic, a photo sharing service for people who use Twitter, he had bigger plans in mind: he wanted to build tools that made the Web an easier place to work.

Heello is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based posts, share pictures and videos. It was launched on August 10, 2011, by Noah Everett (who founded Twitpic). Heello is financed by the money generated by TwitPic through online advertising. Within the first day, there were about average 4 pings a second.

Heello (pronounced he-low), which in a blog post he says hopes “to make communication easier.”

Everett says that he came up with the idea two years ago and that the three “main facets” of Heello are:

  • The first is our main set of products that we will be launching soon. Many of these products were conceived to solve issues I encountered while I was running Twitpic.
  • The second is the internal tools and systems we are building to run Heello, which includes everything from our customer support/human resource tools to our technology platform. We hope to offer these tools and platforms to help you run your own business as well.
  • The third is a non-profit wing of Heello where we want to give back to the community and to the world.

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