Twitter for BlackBerry Available for Download

RIM has just updated one of the most popular social networking application for BlackBerry devices, Twitter.

Although the new update doesn’t bring any new features or important improvements, the fact that RIM continues to deliver updates almost weekly to all apps that are still in beta proves that the company is trying to improve users’ overall experience.

The last time RIM updated Twitter for BlackBerry, the application got lots of new features, including BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) capabilities and UI discoverability enhancements.

Today, RIM deployed a new update for Twitter. This one brings only a minor bug fix: stuck on loading when you first enter the app and scroll directly to the bottom.
download twitter for blackberry
Twitter for BlackBerry v3.0.0.19 is now available as a free download in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. Keep in mind that RIM’s Beta Zone requires users to sign up for an account.

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