Valentines Day Ideas

valentines-day-ideasFebruary 14th of every year is reserved as a day of romance and relationships.

Valentine’s Day is the one day a couple should express their undying love for one another and celebrate the lives they share together. There is no wrong or right way for a couple to celebrate their love as it is a personalized expression of what the couple enjoys and represents the feelings that are between two people.

Planning for Valentine’s Day can seem daunting, especially for couples who have spent many years together. However, it can be made easy with just a few simple ideas and some creativity.

For new couples, Valentine’s Day can set the tone of your relationship and mark the beginning of a lifelong relationship. Couples who have been together for many years may have trouble finding new and romantic ways to celebrate the special day but there are always new ways to demonstrate love.

Here are some Valentines Day Ideas to help you plan your perfect day with the one you love. For more ideas, tips and suggestions for Valentines Day 2012, check out our website

8 Tips to ensure Your Valentines Day Surprise has Maximum Impact

1. Know what her schedule is first if you’re planning any surprises during the week of Valentine’s. You do not want to show up at her house or her work only to find out that she’s not around or that she’s busy. Make sure to ask her casually about her plans for the day you’re scheduling your surprise.

2. Get her friends’ help if you need your loved one to be at a certain place at a particular time and you can’t get her there on your own on Valentine’s Day. For example, If you’re setting up a romantic dinner at home, have her friend take her out for the day.

3. Don’t act blasé or don’t pretend that you’ve forgotten about Valentine’s Day just to make sure you won’t ruin the surprise. By acting this way, you’ll make her think you don’t care about the day at all or that you haven’t got anything planned. It’s definitely not worth it to make her feel miserable prior to unveiling your big plan. If she asks, just casually mention that you have something great lined up and that you don’t want to spoil things.

4. The best Valentine surprise is always the one that makes a woman feel special. If you have cash to burn, rent a gazebo and decorate it with flowers and fairy lights, and set up a fancy dinner there. Or you can just have a simple picnic and bring along a bottle of your favorite wine.

5. Take her to dinner at a place where there’s a live band playing. You can have the band play a selection of her favorite songs, music the two of you can slow dance to, or you could even take the microphone yourself and sing to her. You could speak to the band and to the manager beforehand to let them know what you’re planning.

6. Leave the car behind for the evening and surprise her with a carriage ride. Of course, find out first if there are carriage companies in your area and if you can obtain their services for Valentine’s day. Use the carriage to get around during your date, whether you’re heading to a fancy restaurant or a quiet, romantic spot.

7. Start Valentine’s day right. Make sure she wakes up to a scrumptious, hefty breakfast in bed, and make sure you have balloons and flowers around the room. Then you can present her with a beautifully printed Valentine’s day itinerary with a list of great activities you have planned for her.

8. Shower her with presents all throughout the week of Valentine’s. Start sending her romantic little cards and notes several days before Valentine’s, then have flowers sent to her house and to her office the next day. Amp it up to a scrapbook the following day, and make sure you have presents lined up until Valentine’s day finally arrives and you can put your most romantic plans in motion.


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