Video of Kate Upton as she wishes you a very happy Easter

Kate Upton pretty much has the sexy corner of the model market covered. To secure her position, though, she recently sexily starred in a sexy Easter video while doing sexy things for LOVE magazine.

Upton appears in a white top and bottom, with a fluffy tail and ears, and she’s featured painting Easter eggs and hopping around and writing on the floor.

For the first part of the video Kate wears a nude lacy  top, but she removed this swiftly with a coy glance at the camera. The swimsuit model quite literally bounces around the airy cloud set before settling down to some egg decoration.

Kate dips her egg (taken, miraculously, from inside her bra) into some purple dye.  Presumably for lack of a hand towel she then dries her hands on her underwear.  After decorating the eggs with an icing gun, she then puts them in her bra to make an unorthodox Easter display.

Kate Upton hot pic
Kate Upton celebrates Easter

Kate then partakes in a few more bunny-like activities, such as eating a cupcake, drinking from a pet’s water drip and nibbling a carrot. She then dances around the cloud before collapsing onto he floor in ‘exhaustion’.

Kate Upton sexy pictures
Happy Easter from Kate Upton

Here is a video of Kate Upton as she wishes you a very happy Easter by dressing up as Peter Cottontail and the film was made by Emily Weiss.

Happy Easter from Kate Upton Youtube Video

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