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Vidinterest is a video discovery platform. Members can share and discover videos, build playlists, or simply surf within this community of visual stimulation. Think of Vidinterest as a friendly filter for finding quality, engaging videos out of the vast sea of options.

In August 2012 Vidinterest, a video discovery platform went live with features that let users to add videos to a playlist from Youtube, Vimeo & Dailymotion. Vidinterest recently added new features , such as video groups, video shuffle and a global video search. In addition, Vidinterest has implemented a new user-friendly design that speaks volumes about the site, and helps to identify Vidinterest as a brand.

Click over video tiles to link to original source pages on familiar sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. Or install the the Vidmarklet into your browser and upload all your favorite videos directly into a Vidinterest account. Share playlists of any theme throughout the Vidinterest community and get to know others with similar or interesting tastes.

Still in beta, a trio of developers has been hard at work enhancing social aspects and content controls. Here are some other notable features worth mentioning:

  • Users can create a private, followers, Friend Only or Public Playlist
  • User can link back to their website or blog via cover photo
  • Users can create a group and share videos within that group
  • Videos can be added either via video input box (+add) in the menu or you can use Vidmarklet
  • Videos also can be added via any webpages / blogs where there are embedded videos from supported sites, using Vidmarklet.
  • Direct traffic to your website through Vidinterest by adding videos via your own blog / website

It’s not really necessary to play videos back to back in the order of date. Now, Vidinterest users can control the “Auto-Next” function to improve vidinterest experience . With Shuffle button added in Video page, users now have an option to randomize the video while watching a video from playlist or a group.
Vidinteres offers users with the chance to share, discover & personalize online videos in a social environment. Videos from different online sharing communities can be shared, either through the Vidmarklet, which is easily installed into the user’s browser, or via the URL input box within the users menu. In Vidinterest users can easily create their private, public or friends only playlists.
There are few blogger/webmaster friendly feature currently implemented in the platform. With profile & group cover photo user have option to link back to his/her website. If videos are added via any blog or webpages beside video community, the source site gets credit link on the video page. Video playlist embed feature will be live within 1st week of February.
Vidinterset is still in beta phase and promises to add more interesting features on the platform.


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