Vote for Hottest People on Instagram

Hottest girl on Instagram

Hottest People on Instagram

A new site called Hotsagram has launched and it lets ladies or gents vote on the hottest male and female users on Instagram. Simply bring the site up, pick your gender of preference, and then vote on two photos that are shown side by side.

Instagram users can submit their pics to the Hotstagram website by adding the #hotstagram hashtag to their Instagram photo uploads.

Hotstagram uses a bubble sort algorithm to rank the photos. All photos are then ranked according to up and down votes and the top batch of pics for girls and guys are featured on the respective leaderboard pages.

Launched by a 27-year-old who goes by the pseudonym “Captain Kirk,” the site splits Instagram pics of girls and guys into two different categories, then pits two random photos against each other and asks the viewer to pick “who is hottest.”

Use the 1 and 2 keys to vote quickly.

The “Am I Hot or Not” concept has lived on online since the original site launched in 2000 and reached just under two million hits per day within a week of launching.

Facebook and Instagram have yet to issue an official response to the site – and “Captain Kirk” makes clear that any offended users can have their photos removed via the Hotstagram site.

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