Watch Video: Pinterest CEO Talking about rise and many surprishing failures

Ben Silbermann, the site’s founder and CEO, talking about the rise of the site and the many surprising failures he had to go through.

Pinterest CEO Ben
Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann at Alt Summit 2012

Ben is the co-founder of Pinterest, an online pinboard to organize and share things that inspire you. Before Pinterest, Ben worked at Google helping to design display advertising products. Ben grew up in Des Moines, Iowa and now lives in Palo Alto California.

Earlier this year, Silbermann gave the keynote speech at the Alt Summit 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The 45 minute talk was all about how he abandoned his long held plans to become a doctor, founded Pinterest during the recession, survived early failures, and built a company for the long-run.

Ben Silbermann Keynote Address at Alt Summit 2012 Video

Keynote address by Ben Silbermann, founder of Pinterest at Alt Summit 2012 in SLC, Utah. Introduced by Sara Urquhart, founder of Alt Summit.

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