Weather Segment Dance:Tom Hanks On Univision

Tom Hanks On Univision: Weather Segment Dance

Tom Hanks is hitting the press junket hard, pitching his new comedy, “Larry Crowne,” to anyone and everyone — regardless of what language they speak. And it was during a four segment, lost-in-translation appearance on Spanish language Univision’s “Despierta America” that Hanks may have actually trumped his comedic film with a bizarrely hilarious set of dance moves.

After roughly understanding what the hosts had to say, Hanks moved over to do the weather — and show some flair. While reading the temperatures, he danced with the normal meteorological presenter in a non-step series of amazing — and for his sake, hopefully unplanned — dance moves.

And it tired him out.

“Gotta love Univision! What a fun hour that was, peppers for breakfast! Que bueno! Hanx” the star later tweeted.

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