Why Dogs are better than cats top 10 video

A dog really is man’s best friend claims a new scientific study that shows that canines make better pets than their arch rivals cats.

Researchers concluded that when it comes to a number of criteria including intelligence, bonding and obedience, dogs narrowly beat their feline adversaries.

cat vs dog video
Why Dogs are Better Than Cats top 10 video

Out of 11 categories selected by the magazine New Scientist, dogs won six compared with five for cats. Despite cats deemed overall to have a more powerful brains, dogs showed greater ability to understand commands, problem solve and were generally more helpful, it was said.

Cats on the other hand had better acute senses, a smaller carbon footprint and their miaowing and purring was considered less intrusive than dogs barking and whining.

While dogs were thought to bond better with their owners especially as they appeared to offer unconditional love,(a groomed dog is a happy dog learn how to groom a yorkie) , cats were more independent and needed less care.

This was all down to evolution said the scientists that pointed out that cats were generally loners and dogs pack animals.

However the study admitted that despite the dog advantages, cats remained the most popular domestic animals in the world.

The top 10 cat owning countries in the world had an estimated 204 million felines, compared the top 10 dog owing countries having fewer than 173 million canines.

Here are 10 reasons why dogs are superior to cats (with video evidence)

10. They make their own breakfast in the morning

9. They’re the life and soul of the party

8. They can never lie to you

7. They’ll never let food go to waste

6. They’re talented singers

5. They know the meaning of love

4. They can get you a girlfriend

3. They make great employees

2. They’ll be the bread winner

1. They can dance the merengue

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