World Top 10 Internet IPO in last 10 years (infographic)

Facebook is hoping to raise $5 billion in an initial public offering of stock. It would be the largest IPO ever for an Internet company. Here are the World Top 10 largest IPOs of Internet companies in the last 10 years.

World Top 10 Largest Internet IPOs :

1. Facebook (United States, social network): Deal Size: 5 billion dollars, valuing the company at 100 billion.
2. Google (United States, search engine): amount raised 1.67 billion
3. Alibaba (China Online Marketplace), Deal Size 1.5 billion
4. Yandex (Russian search engine), Deal Size 1.3 billion
5. Shanda Games (China, online games), Deal Size 1.04 billion
6. Zynga (United States, social games), Deal Size 1 billion
7. Giant Interactive (China, MMO online games), Deal Size 887 million
8. Renren (China Social Network), Deal Size 743 million
9. Groupon (United States, Multiple purchase), Deal Size 700 million
10. Linkedin (United States, Professional Social Network), Deal Size 353 million

If you look at the stock performance since the IPO date, there are more losers (6) than winners (3).

The best investments are Google +632 %, Linkedin +93 % and Zynga +45 % (+10% yesterday). The 3 worst performers are Chinese companies : Giant -72%, Shanda Games -64% and Renren -61%.

World Top 10 Internet IPOs [infographic]


”]10 Biggest Internet IPOs of the Last 10 YearsInfographic courtesy of Accessoweb, design by Vincent Abry.

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