10 Amazing Apps for Every Facebook Users

Here are 10 Facebook apps you should note–for business, for fun, for photography and video and more.

Viddy (Video) Facebook Apps

Viddy (Video)

Like Instagram for video, Viddy lets you upload 15-second videos, apply cinematic filters to stylize the footage, select custom overlays and audio effects from your favorite celebrities, and share your creation on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Since recently launching its Facebook Timeline app, Viddy has seen interactions with its content skyrocket on the social network. It now has more than 4 million users signing on and an average of 100,000 new users a day.

download free RSS Graffiti 2.0

RSS Graffiti (Business or Groups)

Want to share content automatically from your blog to your Facebook profile, fan pages, and groups? RSS Graffiti is an extremely popular app for publishing multiple RSS/ATOM feeds to your walls.

Version 2.0 was just released, and it is rolling out to more than 1.5 million people who use the app every month.

aviary apps for facebook

Aviary apps

Facebook made headlines when it recently bought Instagram for $1 billion, but plenty of other apps can quickly transform your uninspiring photos into artistic masterpieces.

Take Aviary, for example. Its Facebook app gives users access to editing tools, photo effects, and stickers from within their Facebook accounts. Users can edit photos from existing albums or upload new photos, and the app automatically saves the updated images in an “Aviary” album.

In its latest update, Aviary added a custom crop tool that lets you perfectly cut out your Facebook Timeline cover photo.

Kaptur (Eye Candy) facebook app review

Kaptur apps

If you’ve taken a group trip or attended an event with others and later wanted to aggregate all of the photos taken by your friends, Kaptur is worth checking out.

The app uses Facebook album titles, captions, and tags to assemble collections of pictures from specific events. When you click on photos, Kaptur uses an algorithm to search for similar images and then create an album that you can edit, turn into a music-infused slideshow, or share and transform into a photo book.

Kaptur is especially popular for wedding photo collections, because it lets newlyweds find and gather thousands of photos and videos posted online by their guests.

StumbleUpon for facebook review

StumbleUpon apps

For years, people have been using StumbleUpon to discover interesting Web content. But recently, the handy service launched a Facebook Timeline integration; so now, whenever you like a page, follow a new interest, channel, or use Stumbler, all your Facebook friends will know about it.

Want to get in on this “frictionless sharing?” Just go to your StumbleUpon settings page, and either connect your account to Facebook or select add my activity to Facebook Timeline.

Pixable for facebook

Pixable apps

Sick to death of inane posts from Facebook friends who clearly have too much time on their hands? Use the Pixable app to turn your stream into a visually compelling place that compiles only the images that your buddies have uploaded?

You can sort these images via filters such as tagged males or females, recently uploaded profile pictures or cover photos, or popularity. Pixable uses a ranking and crawling technology that figures out what has interested you in the past, which relationships you value most, and what things you have in common with others, and it uses that information to serve you content that you’ll actually like. On top of all that, it gets smarter the more you use it.

BranchOut apps for Facebook download

BranchOut (Career)

Not so long ago, Facebook was primarily about socializing with friends; the network wasn’t a good place to do career networking. Today, that’s no longer the case. In fact, with more than 25 million Facebook users, BranchOut is LinkedIn’s biggest competitor. In some ways it’s better than LinkedIn.

For example, with BranchOut you don’t need to build your network one person at a time. Instead, the app automatically connects you with your existing Facebook contacts. It’s a good tool for finding a job, too, as it has about 3 million job listings, lets you see the companies where your friends work, and identifies how many job openings are available at those organizations.

As a social network, BranchOut displays your friends’ profile information, including their work histories. So if you all don’t want to share that level of detail, BranchOut may not be for you.

beknown apps for facebook review

BeKnown (Career)

BeKnown comes from Monster, so if you have a profile on the Monster network, you can seamlessly import it to Facebook. If you don’t, BeKnown will build your profile from whatever relevant information you included on your Facebook profile.

If you haven’t shared much there, you must manually input résumé-type data just as you probably have on LinkedIn. Admittedly, this can be tiresome.

BeKnown puts friends in your network only if you specifically choose them and only if they agree to connect with you. In these ways, it doesn’t feel as slick as BranchOut, yet many Facebook users like it all the same.

Facebook Messenger for Smart Phone free download

Facebook Messenger (Communication and News)

You might wonder why you’d need a messaging app in addition to the official Facebook app on your smartphone. The answer: You can use Facebook Messenger for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone to send time- and location-stamped messages to groups of your Facebook friends–and it works faster than SMS or email.

The app also logs your chats inside Facebook, whether you use your phone or your desktop PC. You can send new photos, photos you’ve saved on your phone, or images that you find using Bing search.

Even people who don’t use smartphones can reply to messages, simply by confirming their mobile phone number to activate Facebook texts.

Profile Protector for facebook review

Profile Protector (Security and Reputation Management)

Most tech-savvy Facebook users know better than to fall for a phishing scam on Facebook, especially one involving a ridiculous offer such as a free iPad giveaway. Still, even smart people do sometimes get lured into clicking enticingly shocking or salacious posts.

If this has ever happened to you, or if you’ve seen your friends fall victim, you know what a demeaning–and potentially damaging–situation it can be. Profile Protector will warn you about suspect activity going on in your account before you click something that could cause trouble.

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