10 Best Horror Films From The Last 10 Year

There are a plethora of great horror films that have made their debut over the last few centuries and we could easily list fifty great horror films you should definitely see. The object of this editorial is to put focus on 10 great horror films that have come out in the last ten years that are worthy of seeing. All of these are available for rent, most of them are on Netflix on demand and certainly your local video store and or amazon will have them for sale.

In absolutely no particular order here are 10 Great New Horror Films Everyone Should See.

Let Me In / Let The Right One In: Its a bit odd listing both I admit but for me they both are quite good with their own merits. The orginal is vicious, intense and a truly fantastic take on the vampire genre with a strong mix of human interest and pre teen love. The remake by Matt Reeves is pretty close to a scene by scene remake but also offers enough new aspects to make it a worthy remake and a film that can stand on its own.

The Descent

The Descent: Neil Marshall is a genius. I love all of his films from Dog Soldiers to Doomsday. If you love horror and have not seen all of Neil Marshall’s films then I think we may have to confiscate your membership card to the ‘All Things Scary Club’. That also means you cannot use our secret handshake anymore J In all seriousness The Descent much like Doomsday gives us once again a strong female lead who with a group of friends descends into a dark cave system to discover a hybrid lifeform that is vicious, gruesome and even worst of all hungry. The sequel The Descent Part 2 is also a fantastic film and frankly if you loved the first one you will love the sequel just as much.


[REC]: I did not get to checkout REC until just a few weeks ago when it finally arrived on Netflix on Demand in Canada. I saw Quarantine which starred Jennifer Carpenter which I enjoyed but true to form the original is ten times better. The film follows a Spanish news crew who are shooting a show and tagging along with a local fire team who respond to a simple call and suddenly find themselves under quarantine in a small apartment building as an outbreak runs head long through the building. REC is a fantastic film and a testament to Spanish filmmaking.


Trick R Treat: What can I say about Trick R Treat other then to say its the greatest horror anthology since Creepshow. Trick R Treat is a must see horror film for true blue horror fans of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you like classic horror or modern horror you will truly appreciate this anthology of stories that takes place on Halloween and carries the theme of you guessed it Trick R Treat. This film is without a doubt  a treat.

Martyrs: Martyrs is one of the most complex films I have ever seen. This french horror film has a truly moving story and a script that jumps off the page and draws you in. Intense, disturbing and powerful Martyrs is not only one of the most well crafted french horror films ever made its also the most violent and disturbing. Martyrs is the first film that made my stomach turn and made me hit fast forward but also in the same token kept me glued to my seat to see what happens next. Many speak of A Serbian Film as being the most disturbing film they have ever seen but for me Martyrs is. It is also one of the best written and well thought out horror films of the last 10 years. A true testament to how a fantastic screenplay can take a film that would otherwise be defined as torture porn and make it much more.


Dead Girl: While we are talking about disturbing movies we might as well get the second one out of the way. Dead Girl although not as thought provoking as Martyrs is still very much a disturbing affair and asks the moral question, if nobody knows what would you do? We watch as a group of boys spiral into darkness when they find a woman tied to a table in an old abandoned hospital. Dead Girl is highly disturbing and not for the faint of heart but also a film that will make you think and question the moral compass and what truly makes us do the right thing.

horrer film

Zombieland: What is Zombieland? Its the funniest zombie buddy comedy flick since Shaun of the Dead. Packed with laughs, hilarious antics, 32 rules of zombieland, a fantastic cameo and yes… lots and lots of zombies. Zombieland is a must see for fans of Shaun of the Dead and or Doghouse and frankly anyone who loves a good zombie movie


Dawn of the Dead: George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead is a classic and one that us die hard fans hold in extremely high esteem. When it was announced that Universal was going to be remaking it I was extremely hesitant but once the film was cast with names like Sarah Polley and Zack Snyder was put in place to direct I started to perk up. The remake of Dawn of the Dead is similar in the fact it takes place in a mall but otherwise Zack has taken a classic and made it his own while still paying homage to the original.


SAW: SAW has spawned an entire franchise of crappy sequels. Ok so in fairness they were not all crap but fortunately after the last SAW 3D they have decided to stop making more movies before it becomes Jigsaw vs Freddy or better yet Jigsaw in Space. SAW was created on a shoestring budget and turned into one of the biggest horror films of the last 10 years. Based on a fantastic concept of a serial killer teaching his victims lessons it was packed full of thrills and an ending that still makes me smile to this day.


28 Days Later: 28 Days Later spawns the debate is it a zombie movie or is it not a zombie movie? Similar to The walking Dead in that they both share an identical starting point its about a man who wakes from a coma in the hospital to find the world overrun by the infected. Fast moving with a zombie like hunger for flesh 28 Days Later is a truly creepy horror film and a fantastic tale of infectious destruction. Directed by Danny Boyle and starring Cillian Murphy I have seen this film no less then 20 times and watched the sequel 28 Weeks Later no less than a dozen times. I cant wait for 28 Months Later to start being more than just producers talking!

28 months later

Now that you have read my 10 Must See Horror Films from the last 10 years share with me what yours are. I know .. I know its fun to troll me and far easier then listing your own but just for once lets see if we can get some productive comments on some great films that people should watch that did not make my list.


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