Monthly Archive:: February 2013

Why humans lost their body hair

Losing heat through sweating would have been important for early humans walking on two legs and developing larger brains. The need to keep a cool head is why man became a naked ape according to scientists who believe they can finally explain why humans ...Read More

Tibetan monk self-immolates in Nepal

A Tibetan monk today set himself on fire today near the holy stupa of Boudhanath in the heart of Nepalese capital city Kathmandu. (DHARAMSHALA, February 13,2013) In a photo  the monk could be seen engulfed in towering flames. No further information is available on ...Read More

Anti Valentines Day

If you’re feeling a bit blah about Valentine’s Day this’re not alone! The day is almost over and reality will soon be here but until then enjoy a laugh or two with our  favorite anti-Valentine’s Day quotes,anti-Valentine’s Day Saying, and anti-Valentine’s Day Poems. Top ...Read More
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