3D printers now available in market

Staples, the world’s largest office supply retailer, on Friday became the first major U.S. retailer to announce availability of 3D printers.


The Cube is able to print items up to 5.5 square inches using material cartridges in 16 different colors. Users can either print from a template or create a design using Cube’s own software, Cubify Invent, which is sold separately. Staples will sell the printers and accessories, such as plastic material cartridges.

Some say that 3D printing is going to become mainstream in the next few years, but others believe the technology is too expensive for the average consumer. Right now, 3D printing is really taking off in the engineering and architecture fields. Educators are expected to embrace the technology as well.

Staples says the Cube will appear in stores in June, but the printer and its accessories are available for purchase from Staples.com today. Prices online all follow those on 3D Systems’ own site, with the Cube itself going for its standard $1,299 price. Staples will also sell Cube accessories, including cartridges with the plastic printing material for $49.99, as well as a replacement glass printing surface for $99, and bottles of the glue required to hold objects in place during printing for $9.99.

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