5 best photoshop plugins which you should try first

Photoshop is among the most amazing tools or photo editor, which is competent of creating sublime images, high end videos and even some of the very passable 3D renders. It has all the features and tools to embark with quality website designs and other stunning kind of graphic designs. But you can experience the real power of this software only due to the presence of several Photoshop plugins. These plugins simply end up adding some extra features and functionality. The extensibility found in these plugins simply has made them popular among the designers and web developers. So, let’s check some of the top five Photoshop plugins, as under:


1). Wire Worm

Many a times when you click good pictures you may find some unwanted overhead electrical wires coming in the frame thus maligning the beauty of the photos clicked. The designers are seen turning to the healing brush to get rid of these inside your images. However, with the help of the plugin called Wire Worm, which simply help in enhancing the photo editing skills. For example, the spot healing brush or the clone stamp tool may not allow you to tune up the selected areas. This plugin can really help you in positioning the removal patches very much precisely either with the help of an automatic snap feature or arrow keys. Also, you have the option of adjusting the color match and adjust several patches; this will dilute the visible color bleeding effects.

2). Harry’s Filters

This plugin is an array of 69 different photo effects backed by incredible animation feature. Harry’s Filters can be used in Photoshop along with other software applications like Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop Elements, IrfanView, Corel Photo Paint, etc. You can find the filters in nine different groups including Artistic, Colors, Patterns, Gradients, etc. Apart from checking the color mode sliders you can blend and develop several photo effects. The button of Jump in it helps you in putting some random effects over your images, which you can easily save it over the applied effects and certainly end up reusing the same at the later stage.

3). Texture Anarchy

This plugin is a blend of three different filters for Photoshop, which help the designer in finding rich and seamless textures. You can find a wide range of these textures and designs, which helps in generating some true fractals, which turns out to be one of the best supplement tools of Photoshop for designers.

4). Virtual Photographer

This plugin is among the most popular tool for Photoshop users. Using Virtual Photographer you can apply a number of photographic styles including high contrast, soft focus, polarization, gradients, etc. over

5). Fluid Mask 3

This plugin is all in one fine art tool for Photoshop. Though of late, Photoshop has improved upon with certain masking tools available in it including CS6 and CS5, yet relying over Fluid Mask 3 is always a worthy choice. This is because, you have a huge amount of features and function in this plugin, which helps in getting one of the best mask designs especially over the problem areas including fur and hair. This plugin even sorts out a number of laborious processes very much simple and quick.

Final word

The above five plugins can really help in adding a new edge in your design, which you create using Photoshop. So, if you want to add some interesting tweaks in your designs, don’t forget to consider the same.

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