5 most necessary steps you need to follow for online presentation

5 most necessary steps you need to follow for online presentation

Online presentations can be used for getting a contract, making a sale or getting a promotion. The popular PowerPoint format accompanied by audio and/or video enable users to create slick presentations with eye-catching graphics. Whether you are an expert of presentations or a novice who wants to improve the skills, there is a lot to consider and learn when you want your information to be delivered successfully. In order to make your presentation engaging and interesting, you need to follow a few important steps.

Online Presentation Tips

1.  Keep your audience in mind  

Any presentation you deliver to an audience should be on a topic that your targeted audience is already aware of or at least have basic information on it before they view your presentation. You should try to grab the attention of your audience. Making your presentation full of statistics and text won’t help in any manner. Unnecessarily don’t add music or flashy effects. But using an instructional video or interactive graph would be an added advantage. The goal is to deliver your information in a way that would impress you if you were in the audience’s place. Incorporate methods that you’re passionate about. This will make your more involved which in turn will draw the interest of your clients. If you feel the way you present your information is not interesting, chances are it won’t be interesting to your audience as well.

2.  Create an outline and script

Though this looks like a simple presentation tip, it is the most important step to guarantee focus. List what important points you need to cover, what you want to deliver your audience- as far as visuals, and what other elements you will want to include (like guest speakers, polling, etc).

Next, you need to create a basic script. It should follow a good story telling convention having a beginning, middle and end. Each of your slides should be interesting and make audience anxious about what’s next.

3.  Do Not Overcrowd your Slides

While online presentations are usually not difficult for the audience to see, you still need to optimize your slides for efficiency. Make sure to leave enough room on each slide to differentiate between ideas, add links and hash tags. Use fonts that are simple and easy to read and include images that are relevant to your presentation.

4.  Know your presentation

Share your presentation with your peers before your formal presentation. Ask for their feedback and modify accordingly. After modifying it, make sure you go through it once more to learn the fine points. By doing so, you can easily answer the questions that pop up. This will give you an opportunity to prove that you are an expert, which will impress and engage your audience.

5.  Speak loud and clear

Your voice is one of the strongest elements in your presentation and if you sound confused, no one will buy-in. You can overcome this issue by speaking with confidence. Make sure your voice is loud and clear. Change your vocal patterns at regular intervals during presentation.

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