50 Beautiful landscape desktop wallpapers

These photos were shot all around the World by the most creative photographers. Enjoy all the beautiful views and colors.  Just scroll through, enjoy and pick up your favorite beautiful landscape wallpaper!


1. Eclipse III. WP by realityDream


2. Koh Kood Sunset Wallpaper by nxxos


3. Blue Waters And Hills Landscape


4. Hill Houses


5. Riverside by Deinha1974

6. Divine Connection by Deinha1974


7. Seasonal Rains by gtxx1015

8. Grass by Jorlin


9. Auroral Dawn by dilekt


10. Newport Beach, California


11. Tahitian Paradise


12. Mystical Waters, Yosemite National Park, Califor


13. Alpine by Gus7avO


14. Luminosity by dilekt

15. Dawn On The Deck by l8

16. End of Autumn by peehs


17. Suite Clouds Rain


18. Pebble beach


19. Ibis


20. Blue Dock by dimage


21. Taiwan Wallpaper Pack


22. Mistery Nature by atanastsvetkov


23. Grand Sunset by myINQI


24. Enter The Road


25. Grizzly River

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26. Rainy day in sunny june by ssilence


27. Crazy Sun


28. The Spectrum Of The Sky


29. Silence


30. Darkness To Light



31. Before The Storm


32. Canadian Pacific Railway


33. Moraine Lake


34. Monumental Simplicity


35. Turquoise Reflections


36. Beachside Wallpaper Pack by r3novatio


37. Beautiful Beach


38. Silent Day


39. Incredible View


40. Daniel Island Golf Course


41. I’ve reached the end of the world


42. I love blue!


43. Dramatic Sky


45. HD Wallpaper: Glacier Sunrise


46. Route to Castle Mountain



47. Cloud Canyon HD Wallpaper


48. Balance Wallpaper


49. House in the Sea


50. The Rising Sun by Mac002


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