6 Most Muscular Female Celebrities of Hollywood

Women with sophistication and feminine looks attract men but there are few female celebrities who have turned masculine. These beautiful celebrities are so fit and works out everyday to maintain their figure and muscular body! Take a look at the gorgeous yet muscular female celebrities.

6 Muscular female celebrities:

Madonna: The diva has lost all her extra arm fat to reveal the bulging biceps and veins! Madonna, the 50 year old singer has always been in paparazzi for weird attempts. Recently she was seen showing her bulging biceps and veins and also for posing in a bra for her new album cover!

Cameron Diaz: The cute female celebrity has built her biceps to get the muscular look. Voted as one of the prettiest and best smile female celebrities in a leading magazine, Cameron Diaz has now started showing her built body. She is one of the muscular female celebrities known after Madonna.

Jessica Biel: The beautiful celebrity has a well toned sporty body. She has giant back muscles and has built her biceps in the perfect shape to carry the feminine yet strong look!

Hillary Swank: The American actor has a well built body. She is one of the most famous muscular female celebrities who has toned biceps, front and back. Her toned body has been well seen when she was spotted in a bikini.

Kelly Ripa: For her rough and tough look, she workout strictly to build those bulging biceps. She is one muscled female celebrity who looks great but scary at times.

Sarah Jessica Parker: The Sex and the City actor has muscled her body too much than required. According to her age, the muscled look is not suiting this female celebrity.

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