Amazon AutoRip service gives out free digital copies of CDs on Thursday launched a service that gives compact disk buyers instant copies of music in the Internet “cloud” in a major challenge to Apple’s iTunes shop.
Amazon AutoRip Free CD

Amazon AutoRip Offers Digital Copies of Purchased CDs

More than 50,000 albums, including titles from every major record label, are currently available for AutoRip, with more titles being added all the time.
Any customer who has bought a CD in the catalogue from Amazon since the firm started trading in 1998 will be eligible to get a free MP3 copy of it. Amazon said it anticipated creating copies of millions of CDs.

“When we picked those 50,000 titles we focused on having a substantial majority of our physical CD sales covered,” said Steve Boom, head of digital music at Amazon in a statement.

The service potentially makes it much easier for people to build up a library of digital music. Before now most CD owners had to rip the songs themselves to create digital versions.

In June, Amazon launched its Cloud Player for iPhone and iPod touch, followed a few weeks later by new a scan and match platform that allows users to import music into a Cloud Player by scanning iTunes/Windows Media Player libraries and matching songs to Amazon’s extensive music catalogue.

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