Amy Winehouse paid £150 for a kiss

The heartless addict — who is currently in jail — milked the tragic singer’s obsession with him to get cash to buy crack cocaine and heroin, a pal says.

The source said Blake boasted that Amy was “totally in love” with him, adding: “He’d charge her £150 just to kiss him and get near him. They’d be sitting, having a couple of drinks and she’d be trying to snuggle up to him. She’d say, ‘Give me a kiss, sailor.

“He’d go, ‘F*** off, Give me some money then’ — and she’d go, ‘Blake, Blake’. He liked her but he didn’t love her.

“She’d pay for him to get cabs to wherever she was. She’d pay £150 for a cab.

“This was the pattern throughout their relationship.”

Amy — who died in July aged 27 — wed Blake in 2007. They divorced two years later.

Blake, 29 — serving 32 months for burglary and a firearms offence — described Amy as a “f****** bitch s***bag” to his friend after her death.

He whinged that Amy “humiliated” him by never turning up for jail visits. And he was angry that he did not receive the house and car he claims he was promised in their divorce settlement.amy kiss                                Kiss … Blake Fielder-Civil and Amy Winehouse on hol

he source, who reckons Amy may have given Blake, £250,000, said: “He gets stick in jail because he is Amy’s ex.


“He is in a dark place, feeling sorry for himself.

“He talked about how much he did for her, buying a dozen bouquets on their first anniversary — one for each month they’d been married. He is trying to justify his behaviour.

“He’s trying to persuade himself he was a good husband.”


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