Apple the Latest Target of Hackers

hackersHacker group Anonymous claims it has hacked one of Apple’s servers and posted usernames and passwords to prove it on their Twitter account, together with a warning that Apple could be a target of one of their attacks.

“Not being so serious, but well (…) #Apple could be target, too. But don’t worry, we are busy elsewhere”, tweeted @AnonymousIRC, together with a link that leads to a text file on Pastebin which apparently contains the user names and passwords from an SQL database table on one of Apple’s servers.

The site in question (currently offline) is an Apple Business Intelligence website, and the database is related to a survey on the site.

While it’s unlikely that this hack will cause much damage to Apple (the passwords are encrypted), it’s a warning to Apple that, as a high-profile corporation, is not safe from the recent onslaught of hacking attacks from Anonymous members and affiliated groups.

Roughly at the same time of Anonymous’ tweet, a Lebanese hacker named Idahc claimed via Twitter he had found an SQL vulnerability in Apple’s servers. The hacker, who says he is not affiliated with either LulzSec or Anonymous, claims he had successfully used the attack on the Apple Consultants Network server, but he did not publicly release user names, emails or passwords from the hack.

An Apple spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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