Apple Now World’s Top Smartphone Vendor, Has More Cash than U.S. Government

iphone-appsIt must feel good to be a part of Appletoday: the company was proclaimed the world’s top smartphone vendor by Strategy Analytics, and its cash reserves are now bigger than the U.S. government’s balance.

According to Strategy Analytics‘ report, Apple is now the world’s largest smartphone vendor by volume with 18 percent market share. Nokia is now number three with 15%, behind Samsung which grew an amazing 520% annually to grab a 17% share of the global smartphone market.

Also, with a $75.9 billion balance Apple is obviously doing really well in the “cash reserves” department, but it sounds even better when you hear the U.S. Treasury Department say that the government now has a total operating balance of $73.8 billion.

Apple’s stock price recently surged passed $400, and its total market capitalization is more than $363 billion, which makes it the second largest company in the world, behind Exxon Mobil. The Cupertino giant is already on top of the world, and the only question right now seems to be: how much higher can it go?

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