Apple’s iPhone 5 And iPad 3 Will Drop In October: Report

Apple's iPhone 5 And iPad 3 Will Drop In October: Report

Could the iPad 3 be here in just three months? New reports say that the next generation of the iPhone and iPad will drop in October, according to Digitimes, which cites the preparations of Taiwanese suppliers as evidence that production is set to start in September. The iPad 3 will be “thinner and lighter,” with a 250 pixels-per inch display, which is almost double that of the current iPad 2. Still, CNET notes that “Apple introducing a third iPad model within eight months of debuting the last version would be highly unusual.” The report debunks the rumor that Apple will release two new iPhones in its next update. Various reports have suggested that the next iPhone could feature a dramatically redesigned interface, that it will not look very different at all, that it will have a larger or smaller screen, that it will be faster, include better graphics, and could be released in August or September.

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