Asad Rauf Pakistan Cricket Umpire Scandal with Leena Kapoor [photos]

A Mumbai Model Accused the Pakistani Cricketer-turned-umpire of sexually exploiting her. Asad Rauf had now admitted that the pics are real the photographs of him posing with model Leena Kapoor are his photographs but he denied the fact that he had any sort of sexual relationship with leena Kapoor.

ashad -rauf-scandal-leena-kapoor

Rauf said that these pictures taken by Leena were taken by her posing with him as a fan and he also dismissed her claim of his promise to marry her.

He said the he is 56 and happily married with two kids then how could he promise someone else for marriage. She also threatened that Leena is doing this to defame him and his family if she continues to do so then he will be bound to take some legal action against her.



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