How to Auto-post on Facebook from google Plus

The search giant’s new social project will be omnipresent on its products, thanks to a complete redesign of the navigation bar. The familiar gray strip at the top of every Google page will turn black, and come with several new options for accessing your Google+ profile, viewing notifications and instantly sharingcontent.

The notification system is similar to how Facebook handles notifications, complete with a red number that increases with each additional notice.


Do you know how to update status or share via google+ in Facebook?

If you dont know follow these steps:

1. Login to Facebook.
2. Go to
3. Copy your unique e-mail adress.
4. Go to Circles on Google+

5. Add the facebook e-mail address to a new circle {Mine is called “Update Facebook”}
6. When you want to post to Facebook just include the circle. [enable checkbox to send email who are not on Google+]

autopost facebook to google+

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