Top 10 Websites for Download Android Apps

Now days there are lots of websites available from we can download Android apps. But it’s hard to select the best and useful apps among them.

Best website for download Android Apps

These are my picks for the best website for download Android application.

Google’s Android Market
This is the original.  The site is well laid out.  Easy to search.  Visually appealing.  Down the left side of the site is a quick listing of top apps from free, paid, grossing, and top new paid.

Appolicious (in association with Yahoo!)
When connected to Facebook, Applicious will recommend apps that your friends are using.

OpenAppMkt is an online Android apps download store for HTML5 apps.  OpenAppMkt strives to give you freedom and give you open access to apps.

Amazon Appstore
The Amazon Appstore is the foray into the Android apps download market.  They have an amazing organizational system for the apps and they also boast their own recommendation engine.  This is a great place for the new Android owner.  You also get the Amazon style reviews that you see on their main site

AppGuide is part of the group of sites.  You can browse by category as you can on most app sites.  But here, you get the benefit of editor reviews.  The editors from routinely give expert reviews.  Mixed in with these editor reviews are reviews from users as well.

PocketGear bills themselves as the world’s largest Android apps download marketplace.  And this very well may be true.  PocketGear has been around for a very long time.  PocketGear like most other sites give you the ability to search and offers views of top apps in different areas.

When I think of Handmark, I think of a company in the application creation business.  But they are also now an application delivery company.  The main view on their site is by top recommendation and you get category views as well.

At the Handster app store you can quickly browse for apps by categories. Or you can do a quick search.  Like most stores  you can look at apps by various popularity categories as well.

GetJar is the worlds largest free app store.  The store boasts over two billion downloads to date and over 150,000 apps available across many different platforms.

Aproov gives you filtering by category and the ability to search.  Aproov has their own algorithim called App Rank to filter apps to the top of lists based on several rankings.


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