Black Friday Shoppers Destroy WalMart Displays Video.

black_fridaay shopping video

Black Friday sales hit a record high Friday — online sales rose 24.3%, but many shoppers opted to go to brick-and-mortar locations to spend their hard-earned cash. Judging from the YouTube clips that have emerged, that was probably not the best idea — videos of Black Friday mayhem at big box stores are going viral. Yesterday, we showed you shoppers fighting over a $2 waffle maker, and now we bring you footage from a WalMart in Mesquite, Texas. Shoppers are packed in the store and ripping what appear to be DVDs and/or video games from boxes and displays that read “$10 while supplies last” (literally). Some people — presumably employees — are shouting “Hey!” in a fruitless attempt to restore order, while others caught in the chaos are heard screaming and laughing as they’re jostled around by deal-hungry shoppers. The clip is titled “Black friday Walmart 11/24/11,” suggesting this incident occurred on Thanksgiving night, since many WalMarts opened early with Black Friday sales.a


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