Budget huh??

Few weeks ago we had a new Budget Sanctioned and very less of people seem to like it including me. This time again the budget seems to be less people friendly and more of Political Issue. A issue to be discussed and debated rather than formulated. While 90% of people are still struggling for their daily needs working hard to meet the basic needs our politicians are busy fighting to figure out solutions over solutions from meetings over meetings. Every day I go through headlines of our dailies and there are atleast 2 to 3 news regarding those meetings and resolutions passed but none makes any difference. I mean what the hell is going on?

With Inflation rate hitting nearly double digit (9.5%) daily life is getting more and more difficult with higher prices of commodities and daily requirements. This budget did decrease the prices of 2 commodities (Children Napkin and TV imported via Nepali migrants ) and increased prices of Juice, hard and soft drinks, cigarette and few other things. But the real issue was provoked with the increment in salary of Government Staffs. Though it seemed lucrative for all, even the government staffs them self were not satisfied and were staging rallies and protest, while rest of us were unknown about the indirect impact of such one way increment in our daily life. The thing is such uneven increment invites more crisis as purchasing power goes in hand of countable rich people and rest need to compromise a lot.

Though the development Index shows raise in per capita income from $561 to $645 it is not enough to raise the overall living standard. With development work being centralized to urban areas the rural areas specially Mid and Far western are still fighting with food crisis. Women are still murdered for dowry and Diarrhoea still claims many lives. Natural calamities and their deconstructions are least addressed and what to talk about rehabilitation when proper and timely rescue can’t be operated. All in all to be ranked as 27th out of 60 failed nations is not a surprise and if same situation continues we might top the chart some day soon.

But the case is not totally hopeless, lots can be done as we are away from civil war and have resolved conflicts, we can figure out with peace and co ordination. All we need is educated, skilled manpower to guide the nation. While starting this post I was chatting with one of my friend from abroad, online and he was determined to do something after he comes back, all he needs is stable working condition and enough of power supply(Electricity). Well if we get such youth force with zeal to serve the nation I can see a better future and you can count me on that too 🙂 Soon am enrolling myself in Rural Development course and I really want to do something for this country. Wish to see a change? then be one.

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