Build ASP.NET Project Using C# Source Code

Web ERP ASP.NET Source Code Using C# Source Code The best way to understand a language or platform is to build something with it, and that’s exactly what we’ll do in this project. You’ll write a model ERP using C# and ASP.NET and you’ll learn a lot in the process. We’ll practice project organization and testing, and we’ll also explore ASP.NET Identity.

Many users via emails and post asked me, how to implement three tier architecture in their application with C# Sharp .


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So this project is especially for those novice developers/programmers who are looking to develop a 3 tier implementation in ASP.Net with C#Sharp. Three tier architecture means dividing project in three layers User Interface Layer, Business Layer and Data Layer where we separate logic, data and user interface in three division.

It means tomorrow if we required to replace sql server database with oracle database then we need to change only data layer OR if we change or user screen from windows application to website then we need to change only our user interface layer rest everything remain the same.

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