Should You Buy An iPhone Now, Or Wait For The Next One?

Should You Buy An iPhone Now, Or Wait For The Next One?

The most common thing I get asked whenever I tell anyone I’m a tech writer is some version of the question: “Should I get a new iPhone now, or should I wait until the next one comes out?” It is as though my business card should read not “Technology Writer,” and instead “iPhone Psychic”

Not that I am not happy to prognosticate! And in that spirit, here’s a look at the questions on everyone’s mind: Should I buy an iPhone now? And if not now, when?

First, let me say that I am fascinated by the peculiar kind of panic that I encounter in people I meet who are deciding on a purchase date for their next Apple phone. I call it the iSenberg Uncertainty Principle: Potential iPhone buyers exist in a constant state of anxiety, perpetually worrying that purchasing an iPhone on any given day will mean that they will miss out on the inevitably cooler version with the mind-blowing new features soon down the road. The Cupertino Sword of Damocles constantly dangles over their heads, threatening to pierce them with unhipness and iShame.

Here is one solid piece of advice I can offer to help you avoid the Sword: Do not buy any new iPhone until September. Apple has an annual media conference each September, and every blog with the word ‘Mac’ in the title is reporting that Steve Jobs is going to do his black turtleneck thing and introduce some kind of new iPhone there. The September Media conference is generally used to present the new iPods, but as All Things Digital reports, Apple plans to “commandeer” the conference for its official iPhone announcement.

Apple is long overdue to release its new iPhone anyway, if history is any indication. Look at this handy little timeline:

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