Chapali Height Review.

Chapali Height is based on a plot where a couple(Bini and Amir) flees from Pokhara to stay at Amir’s friend (Raj)’s home situated at Chapali (a village in north side of Kathmandu) and confusing sexual chemistry rolls in, which leads to a thrilling turn. Besides that no more thing to tell, otherwise the full story will be out. Movie is a mix of physical and little less adventurous ride that misses to mingle along, but the movie has something in entertaining people (not me though). This could only be done when the Director/Producers think and put sequences with the viewers on their mind. Erotic scenes, Beep words, thrilling sequences, and some funny dialogues…all are there to amuse/arouse you.
Chapali Height 1
Technically, presentation style is ok with whole lot of isometric views and repeated ticking sound is made so noticeable but misses a good background score in the thrilling sequences.  As much of the movie is shot in dark, light reflections has been done wonderfully but lacks the clearness that  you expect from New cinema. The movie takes the normal flow of plot besides some flashing sequences. Bini’s character done by debutant Actress Beenita Baral shadows Actor duo, Amir Gautam and Raj Ghimire both are also debutant. Full of slips, weird acting, shouting dialogues and confused theme won’t stop people go watch the movie. So is it early to say another big hit in Nepali Film industry after LOOT? I say no.
Chapali Height 2
Today I know why Beenitawas so confident in Chapali Height that it’s gonna win the heart of Nepali youths. The movie has the tickling power to grab the woos of young mind. Three characters, night party, Sexual sequences, Boozing, Puking, SMS’s, three-some, thrill action, beep dialogues all have equal weight in making the movie a hit. Especially teenagers were really loving the movie with a single reaction….superb. Though other people were also there to add “bakwash”. It is also worth mentioning for a adult certified movie to have such beeps and sexual content but its of no use unless the gatekeepers in Cinema-hall checks people’s age. I would also like to add that a rocking song is missing in the movie other than Sabin Rai’s title track which could have added much more excitement in the people.

I am sure with two movies being superhit in a row and both having lot of beeps (partly replacing f words), there will be a domino effect in many movies to come thinking it as a formula for a hit film.

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