New malware attack spreads via facebook chat messages

A new malware attack circulating on Facebook that spreads via chat messages and trick them into spamming their friends.

malware attacks via Facebook Chat

New wave of malware attacks via Facebook to German and English speaking users. Many users received a message via Facebook’s chat functionality that looked something like this:

Malware Signature Message:

bist du das?? aaaaaahahahahaahahaha

Alternate Message: 
“hey is this your ex?? lol [LINK]
„omg you look so cute [LINK]”

bist du das??? aaaaaahahahahaahahaha

Scam Type: malware attack

Trending: August 2011

Once the user clicks on the shortened URL, he’s exposed to a executable file that looks like an image file. Upon clicking on the executable a “Picture cannot be displayed” error message appears. In between the malware is stored in the Windows %TEMP% folder and executed.

If you’ve been hit by a scam like this, remove the messages and likes from your Facebook page – and warn your friends not to click on the offending links.

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