What is circles in google+ and how to use it [ Step by Step Guide]

About circles

google-circlesGoogle+ Circles helps you organize everyone according to your real-life social connections–say, ‘family,’ ‘work friends,’ ‘music buddies,’ and ‘alumni’. Then, you can share relevant content with the right people, and follow content posted by people you find interesting. For example, you might post an announcement about your engagement and show it only to people in your friends and family circles, or maybe you see a post from the circle you created for your book club that there’s a recent article on your favorite author.

You can also decide to customize your personal profile information for your circles. For example, your contact details, location, and relationship information would be visible to your friends circle, while your employment history and education would be visible to your alumni association circle.

Getting started with circles

To begin editing your circles, click the Circles icon at the top of the stream and follow the instructions below.

If you don’t have anyone to add to your circles yet, you can add them in a number of ways. For instance, you can use the Find and Invite Tab and people suggestions. Learn more about inviting people to Google+.

  1. Select the people you want to include in your circle. You can select more than one person at a time by either clicking on more than one name tile or by highlighting multiple tiles using your cursor.
  2. Drag and drop them to the blank circle that says Drop here to create a new circle.
  3. After you drop people into a circle, we’ll display a number showing you how many people you’ve added. If you add someone to a circle they’re already in, they won’t be added again.
  4. To name your circle, click Create circle. A pop up box will appear for you to edit the circle name. Circle names are only visible to you.

You can put the same person into as many circles as you like. For example, a cousin might belong in both your Friends and Family circles. When you add people to multiple circles, you don’t remove them from circles you’ve previously put them in, and we’ll only notify them once.

See what circles a person is in

There are two ways to see what circle a person is in:

  1. Mouse over their name tile, and the circles they’re in will illuminate at the bottom of the page.
  2. Mouse over their name tile, and a pop up box will appear which includes the names of the circles they’re in.
When you mouse over a circle, you will see small photos of up to 13 people in that circle. To find a specific person in a circle:

  1. Click the circle.
  2. Type the name of the person you’re trying to find in the Search in this circle box. Results appear as you type.

Edit circle name

The description will appear on the side of your stream only when you’re viewing content specifically from that circle. Similar to circle names, circle descriptions are only visible to you.
Block peopleTo block someone while in the circle editor:
  1. Select the person you’d like to block.
  2. Select More actions in the top corner.
  3. Select Block in the drop down menu.
Once you block someone for the first time, a red Blocked circle will appear in the bottom of the page. You will now be able to drag and drop other people you choose to block at a later point.
Remove someone from your circlesTo remove a person from ALL of your circles:

  1. Click on the person’s name.
  2. Click Remove in the top corner of the circle editor.

A confirmation will appear at the top of the page indicating that the person you have selected was removed from all circles. You’ll also have the option to remove this person from your Google Contacts address book. Note that this may affect other devices that are using Google Contacts (e.g. a mobile device).

To remove someone from a specific circle:

  1. Click the circle to open it.
  2. Select who you’d like to remove from the circle and click Remove.

You may also remove people from circles by clicking their photo in the circle and dragging them out.

To delete a circle:

  1. Click the circle you’d like to delete.
  2. Click Delete this circle at the bottom of the pop up box.
Once you delete a circle, you cannot recover it. In addition, anything you previously shared with that circle will become private to you and only visible in your stream and your profile’s Posts tab.
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