College Student, Finds Cocaine In Textbook Ordered From Amazon

Sophia Stockton, College Student, Finds Cocaine In Textbook Ordered From Amazon

This gives a whole new meaning to “cracking” open a book.

Sophia Stockton, a college junior in Olathe, Kan., got quite a surprise when she opened the textbook “Understanding Terrorism: Challenges, Perspectives, and Issues,” which she recently purchased from, to find a bag of cocaine in between the pages, WPTV reports.

Stockton took the book and bag to the local police station where officers confirmed her suspicion.

“He put some gloves on and put it in a plastic bag,” Stockton told KSCW. “He took it back to test it and like 10 minutes later he came back and said, ‘Did you happen to order some cocaine with your textbook?'”

According to a report by the Gardner EDGE, police did not report the incident to Amazon.

Stockton, on the other hand, did reach out to Amazon about the incident, though she doesn’t believe they are to blame and will likely continue to order from them in the future. As of Thursday, she had still not heard back from the company.

“I have ordered many times from Amazon and this is the first time I’ve seen anything like this,” Stockton told the paper. “I don’t think that Amazon is at fault in this case. They can’t check every book that goes through their warehouse. I’m guessing that it (the cocaine) was just left in there by the previous owner of the book.”new zealand woman pleads guilty to being driver of drug sellers

Authorities believe the cocaine may be worth up to $400, and investigators are looking into where it could have come from, KSHB TV reports.

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