comparison between veg and non veg food

Non Vegetarian Food

Are you a complete non vegetarian? Oh, then turning to pure vegetarian may not be possible for you. But if you come to know that non vegetarian food harm the cells of our body, you would probably give it a thought at least! It’s true that non vegetarian foods have many drawbacks over vegetarian food. But you can not deny the fact that meats and fishes are loved by people around the globe. What are the reasons of this popularity? Well, you have guessed it right. It is their rich taste which has wowed the whole world. Besides that, non vegetarian food is rich in protein. Popular non vegetarian dishes are made of chicken, mutton, fish, pork, beef, prawn, and crab.

Earlier, it was thought that non vegetarian food is good for health as they give strength. But according to a latest study, meats are not at all strength giving. As a matter of fact, many vegetarians are found to be more physically fit and stronger compared to their non vegetarian counterparts.

With this, let’s come down to other disadvantages of non vegetarian food.

1. According to a WHO report, more than 159 diseases have their roots in non vegetarian foods. Among them, some common diseases like high blood pressure, gall bladder problem, kidney problem, general pains, arthritis, hysteria, TB, constipation are included. Over consumption of non vegetarian foods can also cause nervous diseases and even cancer.

2. According to a latest finding, non vegetarian foods weaken the bones so much that they gradually start deteriorating. Non vegetarians experience the loss of a good amount of alkaline and salts through urine, which leads to the deficiency of these elements in their blood.

3. According to a famous Japanese scientist, non vegetarian foods can raise the level of wildness like resentment, sexual desire, anxiety, impulsiveness, and even criminal mentality in the consumers.

4. Non vegetarian foods are not at all easy to digest, compared to vegetarian food.

5. Non vegetarian foods are rich in fat, so they play a key role in creasing your cholesterol level.

But it does not mean that non vegetarian foods are always bad for our health. They also have some advantages. If consumed in a restricted quantity, these foods also can offer some great food value. Don’t make high BP, heart ailments, and obesity your advocate against non vegetarian foods. If you eat non-veg items according to your needs, they will cause no harm.

Advantages of non vegetarian food:

1. Almost all the non vegetarian foods are rich source of protein, especially of high biological value.

2. Vitamin B Complex is another important nutritional aspect, for which non vegetarian foods should be eaten. B12 can not found in vegetarian food.

3. Small fishes are rich in calcium.

4. Egg-whites are good for people on a diet. It is also a rich source of protein.

To sum up the whole story, it can be said that both vegetarian and non vegetarian foods are needed to keep up a healthy wellbeing. So let’s stop the never-ending veg Vs non-veg debate right here. If you are not strict enough, you can try keeping both the items in your diet in order to fetch maximum benefits out of these. After all, the decision varies on numbers of factors like your culture, family tradition, personal view and taste.



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