Deadline Hollywood Game on Facebook

deadline-hollywood-gameSome of Hollywood’s top players are about to launch a Facebook game that puts you in the movie business.

The Deadline Hollywood Game allows players to climb the Tinseltown ladder as an actor, screenwriter, producer, agent or director. The goal, as in real life: get your projects made, and become an industry mogul. The twist with Deadline Hollywood, however, is that real news events that take place in the industry can have an impact on gameplay.

The game comes courtesy of Paramount Digital Entertainment, Liquid Entertainment and, one of the leading sites for breaking news about the inner workings of the entertainment industry. The site, founded by Nikki Finke in 2006, is known for being brash, funny and brutally honest.

The game is full of that brashness and humor. The dashboard for the game is the view from the driver’s seat — because, as Finke told us, “That’s how many people start out in Hollywood, living out of their car.”

Finke explained to us that it was important that the game reflect the way Hollywood actually is: the good and the bad. Still, she felt it was important that the game remain “above board.” That means no stealing scripts, no acts of subterfuge — and no sleeping your way to the top.

Still, the game is far more witty than most of the Facebook games currently on the market. Finke took a look at some of the existing tiles on the social network and wanted to create something that focused more on strategy, was more cutting edge and had more humor. “Is FarmVille even funny?” Finke says (The merchandise certainly is).

As well as using typical social game elements, such as an in-app currency, the game also aims to enable players who might not be well-versed in the workings of Hollywood. It offers definitions for popular terms such as “greenlighting”, and information about how the industry works. As Finke said, “This is a Facebook game for smart people.”

Using News as a Game Element

The most innovative aspect of the game is the way it uses actual headlines and news from For instance, if superhero films like Captain America, do well at the box office, players who are making superhero projects will get a boost in their box office receipts.

For now, however, the real-time news element will only work to give players extra incentives. Not having a superhero film in production, for instance, won’t act as a penalty. “I don’t want people to lose money,” says Finke.

In the future, the news elements might take a greater role within the game, especially after industry events such as award shows or major film festivals.

For Paramount Digital Entertainment, the publisher behind the game, the news aspect might also provide future sponsorship or promotional opportunities. “This is just the first step,” said Tom Lesinski, president of Paramount Digital Entertainment. “We look forward to expanding the concept as time progresses.”

Get Your VIP Game Pass from Mashable

Deadline Hollywood Game is currently invite only in its beta phase. Paramount Digital Entertainment and Deadline have provided Mashable with 100 VIP invites for movie fans that want to get in on the action.

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