Does Adsense pay fair to the publisher?

Adsense Incorrect  Report

I am using adsene from more than a year now.Many webmasters in the world use this and survived their life from adsense.But have you ever thought you are cheated by adsense. But I am not satisfied with adsense support and their payment calculation method. Today in my account I saw incorrect calculation of my yesterdays earning.

I will show you screenshot my incorrect earning report by adsense below:


I have got only $10.66 but my actual earning should be $14.14. Page impressions and clicks are also wrong counted.

I think adsense is not fair with small publisher like us. I contacted them about report but no reply yet.
I think there should be live support or direct support to publishers in adsense official website.
what do you think guys about adsense fake earning report?

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