Download: Free mobile security eBook

Veracode released a free eBook that outlines the ten steps that can be taken by individuals and organizations to protect against potential security risks brought on by the bring your own device (BYOD) to work trend.

This book lists 10 simple things that every business user can do to help protect their personal information as well as their company’s data, IP and brand when they use their mobile devices at work.

Free mobile security eBook

“It’s no secret that mobile devices in the work place are changing the way people and organizations address security,” said Chris Wysopal, Co-Founder, CTO and Chief Information Security Officer for Veracode.

Free mobile security book downlaod

Free mobile security eBook

“The challenge however goes beyond protecting the physical device, as the mobile apps that are downloaded by individuals every day are what really need to be secure. Employers and employees alike have a responsibility to help ensure that security and avoid potential problems,” Wysopal added.

Veracode’s “Why Should I Care? Mobile Security for the Rest of Us” covers the simple changes in behavior that can be made to enhance security on mobile devices through the shared experiences of its two main characters Joe IT and Joe Worker.

Through their common scenarios they provide guidance on areas such as the use of password and wireless protection, limiting control over access and permissions, regularly updating OS and Firmware, regularly backing up data, as well as avoiding lesser known free apps.

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