Download New Nokia Tune Dubstep Edition Free

Nokia has finalised a new tune for its next-generation handsets and smartphones. Four weeks ago, Nokia invited its fans to create the Nokia brand of the future in the form of the Nokia Tune contest. The contest gathered around 6238 entries from 70 countries and 166,674 votes, the contest winning tune is composed by Valerio Alessandro Sizzi.


Nokia Tune Dubstep Edition is pretty different with a touch of rap and pop music. It apparently represents the current generation voice and might be liked and disliked, depends on your taste. The new Nokia ringtone will be made available on some 100 million devices and the winner Sizzi, is entitled to get $10,000 as a prize.

“What made the ‘Nokia Tune Dubstep Edition’ stand out was its energy and unbridled exuberance. We were looking for a fresh, engaging, original yet distinctive Nokia Tune version, and the winner delivers all of that in a very interesting way.” said Julian Treasure, one of the contest judges.

Download Free Nokia Tune Dubstep Edition MP3


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