Earn Money Sharing YouTube Videos On Facebook

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Introduction :

Vidinterest  is community based  video discovery and curation platform. In Vidinterest, you can create a collection (playlist) of videos that are hosted in Video sharing websites like, Youtube, Vimeo & Dailymotion.

How to earn from Vidinterest?

Vidinterest pays $10 for every 5000 Video Views ($1 per 500 views) .

Minimum payout is $50 for Users. (Paypal, Wire, Western Union)

 For Nepalese Users (Khalti ,eSewa, IME,Bank Transfer)

Step 1 :

Signup (Register) in Vidinterest

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Step 2 :

After registration add videos from YouTube,Vimeo or Dailymotion. Create playlist for suitable videos and add videos only that are related to playlist title.

Rules to be followed to be eligible to earn from vidinterest ,while adding videos and playlist.

  1. Video title must be different than YouTube/Vimeo/Dailymotion Videos.
  2. Description must be different than YouTube/Vimeo/Dailymotion Videos.
  3. No Adult Content / Restricted material by laws.
  4.  No fake visits/ Robots /Spam /Bot/Clickexchange etc..
  5. User must create one playlist and add some videos before apply for earnings
  6.  Please read our Terms & Conditions

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Step 3 : After you finish step 2 , user can submit form by clicking apply for curator/ earning on vidinterest. You just have to answer how will you give us real good traffic .

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Step 4 :

If you work hard , you will be approved as our video curator. After that you will see your video views and earning report for each video.


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Step 5 :

Only adding videos to playlist will not generate enough money for users. You need to do marketing for videos in different digital marketing channels so you can drive more traffic and earn money. Here are few tips :

* Share on social media channels via our share buttons but share wisely.

Every marketing platform have their own rules to share so don’t try to spam. Share responsibly.

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Facebook Profile

Facebook Pages

Facebook Groups

Facebook Comments

Facebook Notes

You can share your vidinterest video links with great description and share on time intervals . Don’t share on many groups or pages or profile at once . If you take time interval of sharing on Facebook channels (profile,groups,pages) Facebook will give more video views (Link Clicks) .

Youtube : You can put your Vidinterest playlist links on  youtube description , video annotations on youtube etc.. If you are youtuber you can earn more by promoting your links on vidinterest as well.

Twitter : You can tweet your vidinterest video links to get more views

Google Plus : You can share your vidinterest video links on google plus to get more views

Pinterest : You can pin your videos on pinterest pin boards.

StumbleUpon : You can submit your playlist videos on stumbleupon

Reddit : You can submit your links to Reddit.

Flipboard : You can flip your videos link on Flipborad very popular magazine app.

Viber : You can share interesting vidinterest links to your friends on Viber

WhatsApp : You can share video links to your friends on WhatApp

Instagram : You can share your video links on Instagram.

Blogs : If you have blog you can share your vidinterest video links on your blog . Or submit guest post on popular blogs . You can comment on others blogs with vidinterest video links as well. Or you can create blogs on blogger.com /wordpress.com/Tumblr.com

Skype : You can share your videos on skype.

Snapchat : you can share your links on Snapchat.

LinkedIn : You can share your vidinterest video links on LinkedIN. You can share your videos on LinkedIn groups and pages as well.

Delicious : You can bookmark Vidinterest videos links on delicious.

Digg : You can submit your Vidinterest video links to Digg.

Scoop.it : You can submit your vidinterest video links to Scoop.It

Diigo : You can bookmark your vidinterest video links on Diigo

List.ly : You can make list of your vidinterest video links on List.ly

Medium : You can write blog about your video and include vidinterest video links on Medium.

                                                        Good Luck !

Some Resources For Vidinterest :


What is  the difference between Vidinterest and YouTube?

Youtube is a video sharing/hosting platform. Vidinterest is the video discovery and curation platform. In Vidinterest, you can create a collection (playlist) of videos that are hosted in Video sharing websites like, Youtube, Vimeo & Dailymotion.

Let me simplify this for you,

You upload video on YouTube, and people watch your videos on YouTube. Where in Vidinterest, you share link of that YouTube video so that people who visits Vidinterest can also watch your video on Vidinterest. In simple words, Vidinterest is a marketing platform for YouTube videos.

Earn money online easily by sharing YouTube videos


There are too many videos on the internet (more than 1 billion videos). YouTube alone hosts 5000+ Years videos in one year. People upload around 300k videos in one day and this amount is steadily growing on YouTube. It is not possible to watch each of them and not every one of them are worth watching.

We, from the very first day of our journey, thought of helping people discover those videos filtered and organized by humans from all around the world.


We are also a very good option to optimize the revenue of those who work hard to create and produce amazing videos online. Vidinterest is also a platform where you can give an alternative title to your YouTube videos within 90 characters and write a good review or description within 500 characters to earn additional money online.

For Content creators — YouTube channelwe can help you make the views on your videos more valuable. On Vidinterest, you will be able to earn $20 every 10k video views and also increase the number of views substantially.

If you are good at writing content online or have a good social media audience , click here to read and apply to become verified video curator on Vidinterest.

Verified users of Vidinterest can easily monetize their social media profiles

Earning money online is not easy if you don’t have a good audience even if you have a good content. Once, you have the larger number of audience it is not hard to earn revenue with your content.

Here at Vidinterest, we have been working on something that will help Content creators and video marketers, increase their revenue.

We came up with the idea of rewarding our Video Curators with the views generated by the videos they curate. This feature was limited to our staffs until yesterday.

If you are a good at finding interesting videos online, and have a good audience online, you can easily make some money with Vidinterest. All you have to do is, apply for Verification from your settings page. Once, we verify your information you can start earning with the videos you add on Vidinterest.

How to earn money with a Facebook page without Investment ?

If you do not have YouTube channel, but have a good number of followers on social media ( Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Google+, Pinterest), you can apply to become our verified video curator and start earning.

Let us assume your 100% Youtube views is monetized views. On YouTube, 1,000 monetized views on a video by roll-out ads, you could earn $5-$8. On Average, you can earn $0.80 per 1000 monetized views with banner ads. (source — Quora) . Youtube Videos added on Vidinterest can still make similar earnings like on YouTube Website as ads appear on Video player, also with additional earnings using Vidinterest.

Only with banner ads, with 2000 monetized video views, you can earn estimated $2 with YouTube and when views are generated in Vidinterest with the same video, you can earn $4. In total, you can make minimum of $6 with 2000 video views.

You can grow your YouTube revenue by 50% using Vidinterest

As we all know thousands of Videos gets uploaded to YouTube every day. It can be nearly impossible for average users to find interesting videos when they are not exactly sure what they are looking for. As YouTube is narrowing down its audience interest by recommending videos based on user’s activity on YouTube, there is no good way to explore new and more interesting topics to watch. A good content marketer or a video marketer can actually help people discover meaningful content online. Video marketer can find the interesting video, creatively title the video in an informative way and share it with the audience they have.

We are inviting such content curators and online video marketers to join us and become our verified video curator.

We at Vidinterest are working on creating a good community of Video curators so that more users can easily discover interesting and good quality videos online.

Beside this, you can also create an amazing collection of videos & embed it on your website or blog in list style.

Thank You !

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