How to Detecting and Avoiding Trojan in Android

Last year, Android became the world’s second favorite mobile OS, racing past BlackBerry and Apple. 67 million of the nearly 300 million smartphones sold in 2010 were Android-powered devices like the Samsung Galaxy S, Motorola Droid X, and HTC EVO. New Android 3.0 (“Honeycomb”) tablets will spur even more growth this year.

Last week, reports were talking about an Android Trojan that was capable of recording phone conversations, storing the recordings on the device’s SD card. The malware also included a configuration file with information on a remote server and settings used by the Trojan.

These Android Trojans can do you a lot of harm, because they infect your mobile phone right just after you have downloaded and installed an application. But there is difficulty in knowing which of the applications have Trojans that may lead to your Android mobile phones.

Tips to Detecting and Avoiding Trojan in Android

How to Detecting and Avoiding Trojan in Android Smart phone or Tablet

Following are eight quick tips to detect and avoiding the Trojans for your Android Tablet and Android Smartphone:

1. Find accurate and proper information about the developer

Always research the publisher of the apps. What other apps does it offer? Do any of them look a bit shady? If so, you should probably stay away. Always download the apps which have proper information about developer,  logo and contact information for feedback.

2. Take extra precaution with Apps that have free games

The Trojan usually occurs in those cheap or free apps and they are hosted in the free versions of some paid games. It is better to pay for the apps of the safer gaming than to pay for the security of your Android mobile phone.

3. Always check app permissions

Whenever you download or update an app, you get a list of permissions for it. If there are some untoward requests for an extra permission you must better not use their apps and do not consider it. These may look suspicious check it out immediately to where it has right access to the Application Manage.

4. Read online reviews

It is equally important to look out for Negative reviews. Be very careful in downloading applications and look first at the reviews for the products. Android Market reviews may not always be truthful. Check around to see what reputable Websites are saying about the app before you hit the download button.

5. Always check the location criteria and supported languages

It is also necessary that you lookout for the location criteria. Do not use applications that you cannot understand its instructions just like Russian or Japanese. These are often filled with Trojan.

6. Avoid directly installing Android Package files (APKs).

When Angry Birds first came to Android, you could get it only through a third party. This is called “sideloading,” or installing apps using an .APK file. Although Angry Birds wasn’t malware, in general it is highly advisable not to download and install .APK files that you randomly come across. Most of the time you won’t know what the file contains until you install it–and by then it’s too late.

7. Put a malware and antivirus scanner on your phone.

It is really important that you secure your mobile phone with antivirus that are offered for free as well as paid version and with regular update.

8. Update your Android mobile phone whenever new version release

Always remember to update your Android mobile phone all the time. Most smartphones have this feature in settings, you just have to enable it.

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