Facebook adding more advertisements “sponsored stories”

Facebook is adding more advertisements to popular social networking website, under the guise of “sponsored stories“.

Facebook’s so-called “sponsored stories” will appear in the Ticker – a feature unveiled earlier this year that presents a feed of the actions Facebook friends have taken on the site, such as “liking” a friend’s status update, commenting on a photo or accepting a friend.

Facebook Adds
facebook adds Sponsored stories

Sponsored Stories are regular News Feed stories that have been promoted to the right column of Facebook, where you may be more likely to discover new things that your friends are interested in. These stories only show up for friends, so you can learn about places to go, apps to use, games to play and organizations your friends like..

Up to 10 per cent of stories appearing in the Ticker will be Sponsored Stories, according to a spokeswoman for Facebook.

Facebook has been careful to note that “News Feed stories that appear as Sponsored Stories respect applicable privacy settings”. This means only people who are eligible to see your News Feed story are eligible to see it as as Sponsored Story.

However, there is no way to “opt out” of either seeing or being featured in the Sponsored Stories.

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