Facebook Adds Voice Messages to Messenger App

Facebook is adding the ability to record and send voice messages, up to one minute in length, to your friends in Canada.

facebook VoIP

Facebook tests VoIP, adds voice mail-like service.

The update, rolled out Thursday, adds the option to record and send a voice message up to a minute in length as an alternative to typing a note to a friend.

Though it’s currently limited to the iOS version of the app in Canada, Facebook hopes to roll out the feature to Android users, and other territories, soon enough.

It works much like the video feature in the company’s Poke app — press and hold the red record button, speak your message and it’ll appear in-line as part of your chat, represented by a clickable sound wave icon.

The free calling is just the latest news that shows Facebook’s much larger ambitions in mobile communications. The Facebook Messenger app is not just about sending a traditional Facebook message.

You can now send a voice message. And in the future, if Facebook expands beyond the test phase, you could make a free call from the app.

[via TechCrunch]

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