Facebook has unveiled a new look for its messages service

Facebook is taking another step toward turning Messages into a full-fledged e-mail client with a new two-panel layout reminiscent of Apple’s touch-friendly design for Mail on the iPad.

Facebook’s new Messages layout features a simple, clean-looking two-panel interface. The new design, which strongly resembles several popular email clients, displays recent messages in the left-pane and whole messages in the right-pane.

In addition, the makeover features a search option that is located at the top of the user’s screen above the left pane that allows the user to search by keyword or name. Facebook has also added keyboard shortcuts to Messages, you can call up the keyboard shortcuts by typing Alt+Q on Windows or Control + Q on OS X.

facebook message shortcut key

New Look for Facebook Messages

This changes was started by Facebook under the name “mercury project” . A team was selected for this purpose and was working from a long time on this project . Here is the complete details aboutthe Official Facebook announcement regarding new Look for Facebook message.

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