Facebook Is Going To launch music service on Sept. 22

Facebook plans to launch a music service on September 22, which happens to coincide with the company’s F8 conference. The news comes via CNBC’s twitter feed which reported the headline earlier todayFacebook is planning to launch a new online music service on Sept. 22, Forbes reported Wednesday, citing someone familiar with the social network’s plans.

The announcement is expected to come at Facebook’s annual f8 Developer Conference.According to CNBC, Facebook will not actually host music on its site, but will partner with other developers who will do so.Sources close to the deal have confirmed part of the story to Forbes, telling the news outlet that when launched, users will see a Spotify icon in the left side of their news feed, among the icons for events, friends and photos.Neither Spotify nor Facebook have officially confirmed the service, however. A Spotify representative claimed to have no knowledge of the deal.

Other news sources suggest several music sites will join in the deal, including not just Spotify but also MOG and Rdio at launch. Other services may join in later. Facebook says that’s nothing new. A spokesman for the site told Mashable.com that “many of the most popular music services around the world are integrated with Facebook — and we’re constantly talking to our partners about ways to improve these integrations.”

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