New privacy controls for Facebook Make Easier to Share

According to the facebook blog post by Chris Cox, Facebook will enable the pre-approval feature to its privacy settings. As the name suggests, tomorrow onwards, any picture or post that any contact of yours wishes to tag you in, will require to have an approval from you. It is only when you give your approval for the tag for a particular photo or a post that it can be published.

The pre-approval on tags update is a part of a few other updates that  Facebook will be rolling out tomorrow they are as follow:

  • The settings to one’s profile page, instead  of being located slightly further away in the settings page, will now be more accessible with the settings placed right next to the profile options.
  • Facebook has renamed the visibility of posts from ‘everyone’ to ‘public’.
  • The ‘view profile’ feature, which previously existed, too, will now be displayed more clearly. The setting allows you to type the name of any random contact on your list, and see how your profile would appear to that particular person.
  • Like Google+, Facebook too will now allow you to pick and choose whom you’d like to share your posts, photos with. You could make your choice by clicking on the dropdown menu placed alongside your post space, and then pick between keeping it ‘public’, sharing it with just your ‘friends’, or making a ‘custom’ selection, altogether.
  • Lastly, Facebook allows you to tag just anyone on Facebook (even if they’re not on your list, yet!). But, before you do that, you need to have their approval.

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