Facebook scams 2011

Here are collected and regularly updated by all the scam messages from facebook.


Facebook Scams July 2011

WOW I cant believe that you can see who is viewing your profile!I just saw my top 10 profile VIEWERS and I am SHOCKED from who is viewing my profile!You can also see WHO VIEWED YOUR PROFILE…NOW TRY TO FIND OUT WHO’S STALKING AT YOU HERE>>

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Sexiest music video of 2011, Really hot girl doing some amazing dancing!! Check out this too hot for TV video that almost looks too sensual for facebook

This cutie must be totally nuts but also a Genious for creating a video like This one! She his them back soo hard, revenge is sweet!

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This g1rl must be Out of her Mind but also a Genious for making This v1deo! After they took her life away she decided to do genious revenge!

This woman must be really nuts but also a Genious for making This video! They decided to ruin her life but she decided to hit them back!

Checkout what this Guy did after her Ex girlfriend wrote this on his wall. Lol this is the moment of true pain for both of them?

Google+ – Get Invite

WAtch the Last video of Ryan Dunn’s crash.Attention:this video is allowed only for people over 18. WARNING: For mature audiences only.

OMG! A Spider under the skin! The most disgusting ever video.

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This girl must be Out of her Mind but also a Genious for making This video! After they took her life away she dicided to do genious revenge!

!!!!hey lol check out this girl, i cant believe this video :DD

hey lol check out this girl,she i cant believe this video :DD

This Babe Must Be Out of Her Mind but also a Genious

Sweet Girls App Pictures. This girl will never forget to turn her webcam off again!

Fan dies after fall at Rangers game [Video] It is really sad.

INCREDIBLE This girl is rapped in the school buss … WARNING: Disturbing content!

BREAKING NEWS – Leaked Video of Casey Anthony CONFESSING to Lawyer! Click To Watch – She can’t be retried, double jeopardy…OJ all over again!

First 750,000 Get a Free Smiley Hat To Help Promote Our New Clothing Line. 1 – Join The Page 2 – Click on the share button (bottom left hand side of the page) You must do this too get your FREE hat! 3 – Write on the wall what color you want ( White – Black – Red ) 4 – After roughly 6 hours, you will have an email sent to your facebook account for shipping information 5 – Enjoy your NEW hat! 🙂 ** All Countries Can Get Their Hat **

Thís bäbë must bè ÒUT ÖF HÉR MÎND but álsó à GÈNÏÒUS fór mâkìng thìs VÏDÈÓ! Àftêr thêy tôók hèr lìfë ãwäy shë dëcídéd tó dô gênîóus révêngë!

Check Out These Not So Sober Girls! Really? How Is This Possible?

Find Out Who is On Your Profile

ÖMG: BRÔTHËR rãpés hís sïstér. Wâtch thîs shóckîng VÍDÊÕ! Shé wäs hurtïng fór dâys, ånd côuld nòt wãlk!

Brother rapes his sister – Intense Video. She was Hurting for days, and could not walk!

Watch Video. Girl showed her assets on live televiosion!

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omg! [name] what are you doing in this video? [Name] WTF!

LMAOO giгl caughт by her old man! Bennγ Benaѕѕi – I Lov℮ my Sex

watch this vid MUST-SEE. It is wrong to bear tour kidѕ but if this was my dаughter… I would mak℮ an ℮xc℮ption. It would be sort of like whеn you rub a dog’s nos℮ in its own mеss whеn it goeѕ on the floor… it osoally doеs not do it again.

dad cauƍht her in front of web cam .AVI there’s a lonƍer νersion on anotheг ѕite. watch it to be convincеd it’s not ſake.

Look what he did after her Ex girlfriend posted on his wall. lol What true pain both are having at this moment.?

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[Video] This is what Happend to his Ex GirlFriend! Play Video! She could not walk properly for days!

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The Video Tweet That Just Ended Justin Biebers Career For Good! 20 Minutes ago, Justin Bieber Posted THIS Video to His Twitter Account, See why he has the world turned against him now!!

This girl killed herself after her dad posted a secret of her on her fb wall. it’s a strange story but what i can say is: don’t add your father as a friend if you think that he can behave like that ..

Facebook Scams June 2011

Brother rapes and kills his sister – Shocking Video – WARNING: For mature audiences 0nly.

this girl will never forget to turn her webcam of again. This girl should have really turned her cam off and not forgot.

The new leaked SEX TAPE video of Jennifer Lopez. The new Jennifer Lopez SEX TAPE video got leaked – Watch the FULL video here

Dad Gets Embarrassed, Enters Daughter’s Room. Girl was on webcam with her BF, doing Stuff!

Boy reaction after his Ex girlfriend posted on his wall. lol What true pain both are having at this moment.

My First Baby Birth – Video! Yeahh! It happens on Live Television!

Yeahh!! It happens on Live Television! Lol Checkout this video its very embracing moment for her

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99% of people can’t watch this video more than 25 seconds!!! I dare you to watch more than 25 seconds from this video!

Photographer commited SUICIDE 3 days after shooting THIS video! This really must have been an awkward moment.

Ryan Dunn Last Words – EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! See the leaked video showing Ryan Dunn’s last words.

J-Lo’s Wardrobe Malfunction – Titty’s Out!

[REAL VIDEO] A hot girl is stripping on cam and… look what happens!! See what happens to this sexy girl while strips alone on cam! You won’t believe it!!

WTF – What are you doing in this Video?? 99%of people will search this girl on google after watching this amazing video.

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Times are changing. I know this is going to effect me, hopefully not you to.

Looks like fun 😛 Hi Philip, what are you doing in this video? Are you trying to dance or what?? Lol I wonder who uploaded this video?? This is to funny? hopefully you all had fun thoungh..

This chick is awesomely crazy

Monstrously Erotic blonde

The most provokative video ever

The most provocative video ever

Overly Dramatic Orgasm. So hard that her screams of ecstasy come out sounding more like a weird Tarzan yell.

The president is finally taking charge!! Is this really for real?.

Dad walks in on Daughter.. EMBARRASSING! This really must have been an awkward moment.

Lily Allen shows her breasts on British television! In a broadcast on Channel 4, the singer Lilly Allen shows us her beautiful breasts.

W0man has an 0rgasm on a r0ller c0aster. I love how the dude stops laughing and goes completely silent once he realizes his girlfriend wasn’t joking about having an orgasm.

TMZ Reports Justin Bieber Punched Selena Gomez IN THE LIP!! You can clearly see her busted lip, Wow, guess they got a little tooooo frisky in Hawaii! Bieber is do damn rude, he should get his ass kicked for this!

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Is THIS Really Nicki Minaj’s Rumored Tape? You Decide :)! ta.gd It’s Rumored ALL Over The Internet That This Could REALLY Be Nicki Minaj, But We Just Can’t Seem To Tell! So Lets Fiiiiinally Put This Question To Rest, Checkout The Video Below To Decide For Yourselves

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What Is This ? (Sexual Illusion)

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Hey [friend], what is the president doing in this video?? LOL Omg…

heyyy, what are you doing in this thing ? ROFL dont do it again haha!

haha, what are u doing in this thing ? ROFL soo humiliating!

omg , what are u doing in this thing ??? ROFL dont do it again haha!

loll, what are you doing in this moment?? ROFL soo humilitating!

Hottest & Funniest Commercial Ever

The World Funniest Condom Commercial – LOL

Your account was accessed from a new location : Anonymous Proxy.

Facebook Scams May 2011

IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn Exclusive Rape Video – Black lady under attack!

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You wont beleive what she does!! omg you have to watch this

People really thought there wasn’t a way to find who views your facebook page, what idiots!

Introducing Facebook Viewers

Big Baby Born Amazing effect – WebCamera

Amazing effect – WebCamera Big Baby Born ! This wall posting has been blurred because it contains a picture of a woman’s vagina. The actual video shows a full grown man’s head popping out like a baby.

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American girl starts orgasming on a roller coaster ! LOLLOL

Beautiful girl has an orgasm on a rollercoaster, TOO FUNNY!

i cant believe this girl got wet from a rollercoaster ride! wtf??

this woman has a orgasm on a roller coaster! LOL

This girl killed herself after her dad posted this in her facebook wall , to know what her dad had posted click here.

DOG ATTACKS A KID! real video!

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This is why you shouldnt eat fast food

Facebook Now Has A Dislike button! Enable The Feature @

In order to PREVENT SPAM, I ask that you VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT. Click VERIFY MY ACCOUNT right next to comment below to start the process…

OMG! Its unbeliveable now you can get to know who views your facebook profile…

This is sick!!You have to see this!!Finally a way to see who views your facebook profile

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PHOTO! Girl accidentally sends dad SMS about her FIRST TIME

[name] Need help please.. 🙂 can you please click “Click Here” in her profile.. Thanks!

LOL !! Me cant believe that you can see who is viewing your profile! I can see the TOP 10 people and I am really OPENMOUTHED that my EX is still checking my Pix and my Profile. You can also see WH0 CHECKS YOUR PR0FILE here)

awwwwwwww my baby is so damn cute!!! check out yours 🙂 See how your baby will look like?

OOOMMMMGG…Facebook Deleting all Profiles at MAY 5th which are not verified =) Verify your account

BBC News – Osama Bin Laden Death Video!:

Osama Bin Laden killed live on a news broadcast! watch the video:

Father walks in on his Daughter… EMBARRASIN!

Facebook Scams April 2011

OMG! I Can’t believe JUSTIN Bieber did THIS to a girl


The Ultimate Profile Viewer is now being released! Shocking for real! See who visits your profile real time! See who invisible you on their friend list chat! Check it now and you will be shocked who viewed your profile now ! See your results here ->

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My Top Profile Viewers

See what you’ll look in the future!


DAMN: young babe did SUICIDE in front of cam

INSANE: young girl from Canada KILLED her self in front of web cam

INSANE: young girl from United States KILLED her self in front of web cam

INSANE: young girl from Australia KILLED her self in front of web cam

INSANE: young babe from Puerto Rico commits SUICIDE in front of cam

HORRIBLE!: young teen from Puerto Rico KILLED her self in front of cam

HORRIBLE!: young teen KILLED herself in front of cam – Watch video here

HORRIBLE!: young babe commits SUICIDE in front of web cam – Watch video here

HORRIBLE! a young girl did SUICIDE in front of cam – watch this video!

a young girl did SUICIDE in front of cam

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Farmville English Windmill

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Hidden Truth – Watch Hidden Secret behind 9-11-01 attack and Japan Tsunami on 03-10-11

Never scare a Black man

BBC News – Everyone do check what she did on cam

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She got Raped badly…Find out how—BBC News

Getting back onto Facebook

Breaking Dawn Photos – Play Breaking Dawn the game here ->

SHOCKING Theme Park Crash Hidden by News Networks – 89% Can’t Watch

OMG! – Theme Park accident in Dream World Australia!

OMG! – Summertime Theme Park accident in Spain

HORRIFIC! – Summertime Theme Park Australia ACCIDENT! – 89% Cant Watch It Rollercoaster Accident in Australia

OMG! – Theme Park accident in Alton Towers United Kingdom Rollercoaster Accident in United Kingdom

OMG, Theme Park accident in Canada’s Wonderland

OMG! – Theme Park accident in Universal Studios Hollywood

Facebook is closing all accounts today. They can’t handle so many accounts. Most of the old accounts are not active, so they are deleting everything. If you want your account alive please confirm your activity. This is the final notice!

Hey hows it going george, look at you in this video.. What are you doing? LOL!

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OMG Look at what I did in this video… Wow a little embarrassing… lol!

wow this works >>[LINK]<< now you can see who your top facebook profile stalkers are!

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OMG Watch the Nastiest Girl Fight Video Ever

The Hottest & Funniest Golf Course Video

Ooops! Tara Reid Nipple Slip 😛

Shocking! April fools day prank turns fatal!

Jeremy Kyle gets attacked!!

Father walks in on daughter… EMBARRASING!!!

Unbelievable Lady Gaga is a man

Facebook Scams March 2011

Embarrassed Moment Of Nipple Slipped Infront Of Live Audience!


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VIDEO! When Panties Go Bad!

Jackie Chan Dies of Heart Attack

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Video: Who Needs Changing Rooms?

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funny, have you seen this pic you are tagged in! wow lmao

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hey you look so young in this picture!

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The 13 Biggest Marriage Proposal FAILS Ever! 😀

GRAPHIC VIDEO.. Japans Tsunami Sends WHALE Smashing Into A Building!

OMG: This girl killed herself after her FATHER posted this message on her wall:

This girl must be Out of her Mind but also a Genius for making This video!

!!!!hey lol check out this girl, i cant believe this video :DD

Hey, check out this girl, lol, she must be out of her mind for making that video!:

OMG: New Teacher from behind (Video)


Omg this is so bad! A whole Village got sucked in by a whirlpool in Japan! Shocking 🙁

Facebook International Promo 2011

Fat kid on Rollercoaster

AMAZING! i cant believe that you can actually see who is viewing your profile!I just checked my top 10 viewers and Im Shocked my Ex is still viewing it! You can also see here–>

HORRIBLE! a young girl did SUICIDE in front of cam – Watched this video!

WOW…. EXCLUSIVE Proof That Lady Gaga Is A MAN…..

EXCLUSIVE – Proof That Lady Gaga is a MAN!

OMG! Naked and Funny (Must see)

Japanese Tsunami RAW Tidal Wave Footage!!

This Girls Parents Took A Picture Of Her Everyday For 10 Years (video)

WOW! Destructive Japan Tsunami Caught On Film [VIDEO]

Giant tsunami wave eats boat as earthquake hits Japan

OMG I Can’t believe this actually works! Now you really can see who views your profile!

You won’t believe this! Crazy Footage! & Japanese Tsunami Launches Whale Into Building

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PHOTO! Girl accidentally sends dad SMS about her FIRST TIME

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RIP Charlie Sheen found Dead at his House!

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Final Notice – Facebook Annoucement. Today Facebook made an official announcement about their current status. It seems that tomorrow, all accounts will be closed and no more accounts can be created.

Final Notice – Accounts will close

SICK! I lost all respect for Miley Cyrus when I watched this video!

This Guy Took A Picture Of His Face Every Day for 8 Years

Watch Christina Aguilera get arrested just minutes ago! arrestedchristina.com

English Stars Sheep

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Facebook Scams February 2011

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Facebook Scams January 2011


Facebook Survey Invite

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OMG i couldn’t even look at my Dad if he caught me doing this

Honestly, I was shaking after I read this, it was a nice girl

OMG i couldn’t even watch the first 2mins

SHOCKING – > Kid getting SHOT on Google Earth: Street View

Heyy , What the heck are you doing in this video?? LOL!

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