Features Comparison Between Facebook and Google Plus

facebook vs google plusFacebook has been the target of comparison for many people around the globe. When compared, the two social networking platforms have a lot many notable distinguishing features that speak for each one persuading the users to make their selection.

Just yesterday, we came up with the six differences between Google+ and Facebook. The main focus was on the features that Google + has and Facebook unfortunately doesn’t. We listed down six Google+ features that are missing in the most loved social networking site named Facebook. If Google+ has lots in store for us that doesn’t mean Facebook is anyways less than Google+.

Facebook too has its list of unique features that altogether have worked to make it the best choice of social networking platform. Here, I wish to list down the features that make Facebook stand out. Of course it has some really good features that have made innumerable people addictive.

Take a look at 8 features of Facebook that Google+ doesn’t yet include and feel free to share your views below in the comments.

There are lot many differences between Facebook and Google+ though they solve the same purpose that is social networking. Let’s talk in detail about the 8 features that Facebook has and Google+ misses.

1. Host games

Words with Friends, Zynga’s Farmville or the subversively funny Cow Clicker are the cool Facebook games that keep the users engaged. Google+ misses this feature. Strange it might sound but Google+ doesn’t include games as part of the core social networking experience. You never know if Google+ hosts few engaging games in time to come. As of now there is no mention of games in Google+.


2. Updating your status with Twitter

For those with Facebook and Twitter accounts surely know that these two social networking sites synch well enabling you to auto-repost the updates using Twitter hashtags. Talk about Google, you can synch between Buzz and Twitter and the posts will appear on your Google+ profile page but its not possible to automatically route it to appear in your post stream.


3. Hide status updates from people you want but see everyone else’s updates

Facebook has everyone by default’ approach along with lovely ability to hide status updates from any individual, In Facebook you can hide people from your Facebook stream without letting them know that you’ve done so, whereas in Google+ you have to go through that hassle of managing things the right way.


4. Birthday reminders

Facebook remind the right people when a birthday is near and when the day arrives. In the busy hustle and bustle of modern life, we tend to forget birthdays of many people but Facebook helps a great deal. Google + on the other hand doesn’t have this feature.


5. Invite everyone to an event

Sending event invitations through Facebook has become quite common. It helps spreading word of different events as it’s the most hassle-free way to invite everyone you know. In Google+ for now there is no such option.


6. Polling your friends

Facebook lets you ask your friends questions be it open-ended ones or multiple-choice. Easy to use it’s a fun way to engage your friends in thinking about the answers. Google+ doesn’t include a polling feature.


7. Connect with your friends

Face lets the users connect with all friends up there on the friends list (innumerable connections) while Google+ has a very small starter group. As of now the users have fewer connections and it looks interesting right now, but it would be difficult to manage 200, 300, 400 or more connections. In this case too Facebook enjoys the chance of letting Google+ down.


8. Use third-party apps

Facebook as you all know gives a kit to developers to make third-party apps possible. Google+ till date does not give this option. There are speculations about API for Google+ to be available in some time. But for the time being, Google+ has not come up with the third party apps while Facebook has lot many.


After going through the notable features of Google + and Facebook, you indeed would be able to answer the question pointed here. Do you think Google+ will easily displace Facebook or will it be yet another social networking platform?

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