Facebook Vs Pinterest: Something We’ve Learned (Info)

Boticca.com are one of the biggest online artisan jewellery distributors, they offer their site as a stage for independent jewellery designers to sell their wares within a global market.

In this, more customers are able to find something truly unique and handmade without the worry of high street duplicates.

With the social network nature of their website, it’s no surprise that the brand is also doing really well on other social media platforms. The ethos at Boticca is to create an open dialogue between consumers and jewellery designers like https://www.joesjewelry.com/ and try to establish this in every area of their business.

Thanks to the massive following they have gained on social media platforms, specifically Facebook and Pinterest, because of the company’s dedication to customer service, Boticca decided to do a little study into how people really use these sites and what it means for companies like themselves.

They took a sample amount of users and a sample amount of time and came out with some genuinely interesting internet marketing results.

As the mantra at Boticca is to be as transparent as possible, they have published their findings for their customers and designers alike! So feast your eyes on this stylish infographic that explains the use of Facebook vs. Pinterest.

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